Barkley Sound

If you are looking to fish, Barkley Sound is where you want to be....And Hummingbird can take you there on one of their adventure fishing charters!

Port Alberni isn't called the Salmon Fishing Capital of the World for nothing.  From March to September you can fish the offshore bank with chances of catching a fish weighing 30 lbs or more!

Not everyone is interested in reeling in a 30 lb fish, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the longest inlet on Vancouver island.  There are plenty of kayaking tours offered that will take you on a tour of the area and even the Broken Islands - kayaking could possibly be the best way to see all of the 100 plus little islands.  And if you're afraid you won't be able to see all the islands and marine life in a day trip you can camp on the islands as you go.

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We found a "second" home

We had a flood in the kitchen and needless to say we were very upset over the idea of having to leave our home for an indefinite period of time. We really would not have made it to today without your hospitality. The suite is bright and comfortable and has all the amenities. I have been able to cook meals, do laundry and work at home on my computer. We have been able to go to work each day without any worries.

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