Sproat Lake

Sproat Lake is named after Gilbert Malcolm Sproat, a native of Galloway, Scotland who arrived on Vancouver Island in 1860 with men and equipment to establish a sawmill at the head of the Alberni Canal.

It is an incredibly popular destination for both local and visiting vacationers.  The warm waters of the lake are a welcome contrast to the figid beauty of Long Beach and the Tofino area.  Take the time to indulge in a little fishing, swimming, water skiing and windsurfing or just relaxing. And it's only a 15 minute drive from your home base at the Hummingbird.  

There are many hiking trails that wind through Sproat Lake Provincial Park, which is home to one of the finest panels of prehistoric petroglyphs in British Columbia. Many believe it depicts ancient mystical monsters that once lived in the lake. What do you think?

Sproat Lake is also home to the Mars Water Bombers . These massive red-and-white fire fighting planes are an impressive sight as they lumber across the Alberni Valley sky. Locals listen for the distinctive sound of their thundering engines and rush out to glimpse what everyone thinks of as "our" planes. They use Sproat Lake as their landing field and regularly fill their holds with water from the lake to fight area forest fires. Be sure to take in their guided tour and a stop at the gift shop.







Guest Reviews

Superb time at the Hummingbird

The little girls thought all the "Dora" stuff was awesome. Thanks for making their holiday so memorable. Thanks also for arranging such a terrific sitter. Katie was great! We were at ease on the water knowing our girls were in good hands. The accommodations were excellent! Our family was able to stay together and we all had our own little space away from each other. The fishing was great. Jody will be bragging about the 48 lb halibut for a long time. Grandma & Grandpa love it...and us kids were thrilled with the comforts of the Hummingbird. Thanks for going the extra mile to make our annual fishing trip such a success.

McEwen family
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